20 Great Challenges: Votes are in!

Jay Walker just announced the results of voting on the 20 Great Challenges of health and medicine. The program, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, looks at the most persistent and complex issues facing health and medicine today.

The Top 20 Great Challenges:

#22.  Inventing Wellness Programs
#34.  The Caregiver Crisis
#19.  The Role of the Patient
#2.    The Obesity Crisis
#1.    Achieving Medical Innovation
#8.    Managing Chronic Diseases
#18.  Medical Communication
#26.  Reducing Childhood Obesity
#3.    Making Prevention Popular
#9.    End-of-life Care
#51.  Causes of Sleep Deprivation
#15.  Impact of Poverty on Health
#12.  Faster Adoption of Best Practices
#32.  Impact of Stress
#4.    Future of Personalized Medicine
#33.  Promoting Active Lifestyles
#10.  Preparing for Dementia
#16.  Addressing Healthcare Costs
#39.  Whole-Patient Care

#23.  Eliminating Medical Errors

Throughout the year, the Great Challenges Program will generate a lively national dialog on the 20 Challenges chosen by the TEDMED community. The program will include TV-style interviews with leaders across fields, a series of webinars on each of the 20 Great Challenges, and the opportunity for TEDMED community members to add their voice.

Thanks for voting! Now let’s get to talking.


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