Video: The first EKG from the moon

Jay Walker at TEDMED 2012

Apollo 11 was approaching the moon, the astronauts were almost out of oxygen — but many moon boulders stood in way of landing.  Would they make it?  And how did Buzz Aldrin’s heart react to the stress? Jay Walker shows an amazing relic from the Library of Human Imagination.

Video: Virginia Breen and Elizabeth Bonker break autism’s silence

Virginia Breen & Elizabeth Bonker at TEDMED 2012

Because Elizabeth Bonker was unable to speak due to autism, specialists assumed she was learning challenged. Far from the case:  She’s a highly intelligent child who found her voice through writing award-winning poetry.

Video: Sandeep Kishore on what’s missing from med school

Sandeep Kishore at TEDMED 2012

Chronic diseases are shaping up to be as deadly and pernicious than the infectious variety, even in developing nations.  Sandeep Kishore of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network talks about how doctors should be trained to understand and counter root causes, including societal issues.

Video: Can we change the Weight of the Nation?

Judith Salerno & John Hoffman at TEDMED 2012

There is a perfect storm of factors behind our national obesity crisis, say HBO’s John Hoffman and Judith Salerno of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can afford to give up tackling it.