Rick Smolan’s fondest wish

Rick Smolan at TEDMED 2011

Phenomenal photographer and co-founder of the “Day in the Life” series, Rick Smolan, shows TEDMED some of the most vivid scenes from his own life.  Take a peek inside the personal world of one of humanity’s most perceptive observers.

John Wynn: Don’t fight death too hard

John Wynn at TEDMED 2011

An awareness of our own mortality can push us to strive and suceed socially, but at what cost? John Wynn’s illuminating talk, like Steve Job’s famed Stanford commencement speech, poses important questions about how we spend our precious time on earth.

Alexander Tsiaras: The body visual

Alexander Tsiaras at TEDMED 2011

If you could see inside your body, what would it tell you? The founder, along with Deepak Chopra, of The Visual MD showcases the virtual-reality website, which uses videos and detailed graphics to show diseases and treatment effects.

Bill Doyle: Zapping cancer cells with electric fields

Bill Doyle at TEDMED 2011

A new approach to shrinking or slowing tumors, Tumor Treating Fields, uses electric fields to interrupt cancer cell division, with few or no side effects. Could this revolutionize cancer treatment?

Andrew Dawson: Beauty in motion, despite disability

Andrew Dawson at TEDMED 2011

Can we ever understand the experience of a person who has lost the use of his or her hand, let alone the ability to move most of her body? Dawson, a performance artist, choreographer and Feldenkrais movement therapist, makes us see.

Lance Armstrong: Why I went public with my cancer

Lance Armstrong & David Agus at TEDMED 2011

After he was cleared of cancer, Lance Armstrong’s doctor presented him with the “obligation of the cured” — to help raise awareness of the disease and help those suffering from it. Lance, listened, and how. He tells oncologist David Agus how LIVESTRONG was born.

Ashley Dombkowski: We are family

Ashley Dombkowski at TEDMED 2011

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out you’re related to, say, Meryl Streep? Or Michael Jordan? Ashley Dombkowski of 23andMe talks about how genetic testing can reveal surprising family connections, and may change the way we think about our fellow humans.

Diana Nyad on drinking the Kool-Aid that is TEDMED

Our favorite extreme-dream endurance swimmer, inspiration, and all-around dynamo, Diana Nyad, wrote a wonderful piece for HuffPost about her talk at TEDMED 2011.

In it, she says:

I’ve been a public speaker for 35 years now but hit the Mt. Everest of conferences when I spoke for the TEDMED group this past October. The concept is 50 speakers — the most forward-thinking mavericks on our planet. Each one gets only 15 minutes. Each one is unique, powerful and leaves your mind significantly expanded.

Fun with fungi

Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good

For a bit of Friday fun, watch this film on the magic of mushrooms, which may play a role in understanding human consciousness and in sustaining our planet.This is the first in a collaboration of TED speaker Louie Schwartzberg of Blacklight films (Movingart.tv) and TEDMED 2011 speaker Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti (fungi.com). We’ll also be releasing the video of Stamets at TEDMED in the next few weeks. Enjoy!