TEDMED moves annual gathering to September; University of California, San Francisco will partner for unified event in two cities

It has long been TEDMED’s mission to encourage broad-scale, multi-disciplinary, collaborative thinking; to reach across borders to find fresh inspiration; and to bring leaders face-to-face so they can gain insight from other passionate thinkers and doers.

That’s why TEDMED is transforming its annual event, starting this year.

Instead of gathering in April, we will produce our first live, digitally linked, dual-stage event on September 10-12, 2014. In addition to our home at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, TEDMED’s annual event will also take place simultaneously in San Francisco. One event, one program, two stages – with speakers and Hive entrepreneurs at each venue, and an opportunity for Delegates from each host city to personally share the experience.

shutterstock_95855803We’re thrilled to announce that the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) will be our ongoing institutional partner in the San Francisco Bay Area. UCSF is one of the world’s top medical research institutions and supports the work of many of the most innovative and transformative minds in the health sciences today. Their participation is an exciting part of this year’s event and a boon to our long-term, year-round goals.

Because research and innovation in health and medicine are global enterprises, in 2015 TEDMED will convene the only simultaneous, worldwide, multi-disciplinary gathering focused on the future of health and medicine. TEDMED will partner with leading medical research institutions and financial supporters in other host cities in China, Japan, the Middle East and Western Europe, which will be announced at a future date.

Live from the Nation’s Capital and Innovation Central

“We are seeing a revolution in health from the ground up, as technology pushes patient engagement and encourages a new culture of active wellness,” says TEDMED’s Jay Walker. “A growing wave of health information will transform health delivery at every level.”

Sharing TEDMED’s mission to advance health worldwide, UCSF is a natural first institutional partner. The university is both a leader in biomedical research – it’s first among public institutions in research support from the National Institutes of Health – and in translating science to serve the public through its professional schools and medical center.

Outgoing UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann, who spoke at TEDMED 2013, played a key role in bringing our new partnership to life. During her tenure, Desmond-Hellmann has worked to establish UCSF as a force for transformation and innovation, including hosting the first OME Precision Medicine Summit in May of 2013. She has recently been named CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our expanded event will still be uniquely TEDMED.  We’ll have an equal number of brilliant speakers in both venues, delivering insights that challenge the status quo, inspire progress in health and medicine, tap into our imaginations and help drive new discovery.  (The Hive, our innovation showcase, will be equally prominent in both cities, too.)

“We will digitally share live content between Washington and San Francisco, creating a single unified program in two co-equal host cities. Creativity, imagination and innovation are languages spoken on both coasts,” says Shirley Bergin, TEDMED’s COO/CMO.

“This transformation is about exploring new ways to convene a global community that addresses issues critical to all humanity.  Today’s complex challenges in health and medicine demand our best thinkers from every discipline. Our health at all levels – personal, family, community, organization, nation, and planet – continues to move to center stage as we recognize the vital connection between health and everything we care about. We invite those passionate about creating a healthier future to join us in this mission,” she adds.

Click here to register for TEDMED 2014. We’ll be releasing further details, including information about our program and speakers, in the coming weeks.