TEDMED, Big Think to collaborate on stage program and personal health series

TEDMED has a new partner in improving health: The online publisher Big Think.

Like TEDMED, Big Think’s mission is to provide a window into multi-disciplinary views, to inspire conversation and breakthrough thinking. What will happen when the two combine brain power? We’ll find out soon: Big Think will co-curate special stage programming dedicated to transformational leaders inside and outside of health and medicine, and send a special delegation to the TEDMED gathering on April 16-19th, 2013.

Big Think’s goals are expanding, as their President Peter Hopkins says, to “focus on big ideas, and then, help you put the ideas into practice.”  To that end, they’ll also be working with TEDMED on an upcoming series on how to apply emerging ideas in health and science to your own life, offering lessons from experts in the field of personal health.

Details to come.  Enjoy the big ideas on www.bigthink.com in the meantime.