11 More: Here’s Our Sixth List of Hive Startups!

We’re announcing another 11 startups to be showcased in The Hive at TEDMED 2014, this September 10-12 in Washington, DC, and San Francisco, CA. These pioneers in medicine and health include innovators in health communications, clinical trials, connected devices, and crowdfunding, and join the many we’ve already revealed and the several others yet to be announced.

ChatrHealthChatrHealth provides tools combining evidence-based medicine and communication algorithms to improve patient care by promoting provider-patient dialogue and helping prevent medical errors, identifying at-risk patients.

CureLauncherCureLauncher is a service and platform that transforms the way patients in need are matched with clinical trials that fit their conditions.

etecteTect is enabling a new universe of connected devices – its first application takes medication compliance to entirely new levels: a capsule emits a digital wireless message when a patient ingests it.

EvotechEvolving Technologies is addressing the needs of patients and physicians in underserved markets with its low-cost endoscopy system powered by a laptop or tablet.

b6d33e98-37ff-4cc7-b4a9-20a6d539fb51mySugr is changing how people live with diabetes by leveraging non-traditional approaches to connecting treatment devices and striving to transform clinical therapy into a fun part of daily routine.

NovasentisNovasentis is working on designs for medical, mobile, and wearable devices that can “come alive” with movement and sound using flexible electro-mechanical polymer haptic actuators and sensor technology.

OrbisBiosciencesOrbis Biosciences has leveraged particle engineering to create a technology that controls drug delivery to make pharmaceutical products safer and more convenient.

RespiRespi has developed a smartphone-enabled spirometer to help people with chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma and COPD, to regulate their medication and avoid asthma attacks.

SamaHopeSamahope provides hope to people with treatable diseases, around the world, by crowdfunding for overstretched and under-equipped doctors who are available to perform life-changing medical treatments.

SensiotecSensiotec‘s wireless and touch-less sensor technology can track vitals for hospital patients without electrodes, sensors, or pads. Its platform also provides real-time monitoring to trigger alerts to hospital staff when needed.

SeratisSeratis provides a way to bring together a patient’s entire care team on one mobile platform so clinicians can easily communicate with each other using secure messaging.

And don’t miss the latest Hive Curator interview on the TEDMED Blog this week, featuring Mohit Kaushal.  His career has spanned clinical medicine, venture capital, and health policy as a White House Health IT task force member and the FCC’s Connected Health Director.

Stay tuned as we continue to announce this year’s Hive startups.

– The TEDMED Team