8 Outstanding Co-Hosts Announced for TEDMED 2014

unnamed-1It’s almost here! TEDMED 2014 will take place in just under two months… and we’re proud to announce our “navigators” for this exciting adventure.


TEDMED curator and chairman Jay Walker will open the event on September 10 in Washington, DC and close our program on September 12 in San Francisco, CA.

In between, TEDMED Delegates will have the pleasure of meeting — or getting reacquainted with — some of the most energetic human dynamos and inspiring thought leaders we know.

In alphabetical order, our 2014 co-hosts will include:

Co-host Venue
TEDMED director of stage content Dr. Nassim Assefi
FUN FACT: A global nomad and self-proclaimed “thrillionaire,” Nassim is also the published author of a critically well-received novel, “Aria.”
Washington, DC
TEDMED Chief Operating Officer and partner Shirley Bergin
FUN FACT: As a child, Shirley loved Peter Pan and always wanted to visit Neverland. Today we call this mother of two un-Lost Boys, “TEDMED’s Superhero in Residence.”
San Francisco, CA
Geneticist, MacAurthur “Genius” Fellow and intellectual provocateur Dr. Carlos Bustamante
FUN FACT: When he’s not doing research or exploding old paradigms, Carlos can be found sailing – a sport he calls “the perfect combination of adrenaline and intellectual challenge.”
San Francisco, CA
TEDMED’s “keeper of the flame” and president, Jon Ellenthal
FUN FACT: The door to Jon’s office has a poster-sized patent for an amazing invention – himself – listing his parents Ira and Judy as the “inventors.”
Washington, DC
Globe-trotting medical emergency journalist (and Pulitzer Prize winner) Dr. Sheri Fink
FUN FACT: She has reported on health, medicine and science in every continent but Antarctica…apparently there aren’t many medical emergencies or wars among Emperor penguins.
San Francisco, CA
Founder and director of UCSF’s Neuroscience Imaging Center (and host of his own PBS special) Dr. Adam Gazzaley
FUN FACT: Knew from age 7 he wanted to be a scientist, now he relaxes with nature photography.
San Francisco, CA
Yale medical intern, UN Delegate and passionate global activist Dr. Sandeep Kishore
FUN FACT: Sunny is the only co-host this year who is a former TEDMED speaker.
Washington, DC
Engineer, inventor and PhD candidate at MIT David Moinina Sengeh.
FUN FACT: David is also a rapper and writer of song lyrics.
Washington, DC

With this outstanding team at the helm — and with more than 80 dynamic speakers including scientists, journalists, activists, performers, artists and other thought leaders on our unified, two-city stage — TEDMED 2014 promises to be an unforgettable journey into the realm of “Unlocking Imagination in Service of Health and Medicine.”

Join us in DC or SF for this unforgettable ride…and stay tuned for more exciting news about the event.