A live online event: Unraveling dementia

Today, one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another related dementia, and by 2050 we may see some 13.8 million patients with Alzheimer’s as our population ages.*

Join a live online discussion, “Unraveling Dementia,” this Thursday at 2 pm EDT.
Join a live online discussion, “Unraveling Dementia,” this Thursday at 2 pm EDT.

The clock is ticking.  Can we possibly avoid a catastrophic dementia tsunami? What have we learned about dementia-causing diseases to date?  And what are our best prospects yet for prevention, better diagnoses and a cure?

Research focal points of late include:

  • Working toward a better understanding and a neural map of the brain, including projects like the BRAIN Initiative, described at TEDMED 2013 by Dr. Rafael Yuste.
  • Genetic risk profiling.  If we can identify those at greatest risk for dementia earlier, can we develop drugs that can prevent it?
  • Discovering and testing drugs that may prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Current testing takes aim at beta amyloid, a protein associated with the plaque that forms in the brain in Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Evaluating evidence that supplements and lifestyle interventions may reduce dementia risk.  Can fish oil prevent cognitive aging?  What about caffeine?  How about herbs and antioxidants?  Exercise?  A good sleep?  Current science seeks to separate sound, healthy interventions from myths.

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Guy Eakin, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at the American Health Assistance Foundation and a TEDMED Great Challenges team member, talks about advances in basic research related to dementia.


*Source: Alzheimer’s Association