Announcing TEDMED 2016 Speakers: Invisible Threats

What if we could expose and confront invisible threats to health?

To the naked eye, sickness and health are distinct and opposing entities – we see symptoms of illness with the same ease as we notice healthy habits. But, what if our true health status is not what meets the eye? What if we are constantly vulnerable to insidious health threats on personal and global scales? With powerful insight and active foresight, speakers in a session called “Invisible Threats” prepare us to identify and defend against the world’s most pressing health disasters.

It is our privilege to present:

Bruce Schneier
Health Data Watchman

Bruce Asks: What if our health data could be both more accessible and more secure?

Named a “security guru” by The Economist, Bruce Schneier is a world renowned expert on cyber security. Acclaimed for his recent New York Times bestseller, Data and Goliath, Bruce explains how our online presence–texts, purchasing patterns, and Facebook updates–can reveal surprising facts about our health. Read More…

Emtithal “Emi” Mahmoud
Refugee Bard

Emi Asks: What if we could speak the unspeakable?

2015 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion Emtithal “Emi” Mahmoud was born in Sudan and came to the United States in 1998, escaping the Darfur genocide with her family. A 2016 graduate of Yale University, Emi speaks with a passion to alleviate structural disparities on maternal and child health in disadvantaged communities across the world. Read More…

Jeremy Farrar
Global Health Reformer

Jeremy Asks: What if the next deadly flu outbreak could be contained in a globally coordinated fashion?

Tropical medicine expert Jeremy Farrar is the Director of the Wellcome Trust, the world’s second largest global charitable foundation, dedicated to improving health. With 18 years of experience researching infectious diseases, tropical health, and emerging infections as Director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam, Jeremy brings global attention to the dangers of imminent pandemics. Read More…

Mona Hanna-Attisha
Pediatric Public Health Whistleblower

Mona Asks: What if the government did an optimal job of safeguarding child health?

Iraqi-born, Detroit-raised pediatrician Mona Hanna-Attisha is the whistleblower who exposed the dangerous levels of lead in Flint, Michigan’s drinking water after testing blood lead levels in its children. For revealing this threat on the national stage and founding the Flint Child Health and Development Fund, Mona is one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world for 2016. Read More…


Richard Kogan
Music-Medicine Connector

Richard Asks: What if musical exposure could transform psychopathology into radiant mental health?

Richard Kogan has a distinguished career both as a concert pianist and as a physician. A graduate of Juilliard and Harvard Medical School, he is currently Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and Artistic Director of the Weill Cornell Music and Medicine Program. Richard has gained international renown for his lecture/concerts that explore the role of music in healing. Read More…


Sue Klebold
Activist Mom

Sue Asks: What if parents were better at detecting their children’s departure from brain health?

Sue Klebold is the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two shooters at Columbine High School in 1999. After years of evading public scrutiny, in 2016, Sue published A Mother’s Reckoning: Living In the Aftermath of Tragedy, a powerful memoir in which she explores the crucial intersection between mental health and violence. Read More…


Susie Baldwin
Human Rights Physician

Susie Asks: What if health professionals are positioned to provide life-changing support to trafficked people, but don’t know it?

Susie Baldwin is a Public Health and Preventive Medicine physician whose career has focused on sexual and reproductive health, women’s health, epidemiology, and supporting survivors of human trafficking. As Co-Founder and Board President of HEAL Trafficking, and Sexually Transmitted Disease Controller for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Susie activates caregivers and communities to heal human trafficking. Read More…

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