Announcing TEDMED 2016 Speakers: Fringe

Too often, our mental constructs and perceived limitations hinder our search for inspiration. What if the outer edges of human experience could provide solutions to everyday challenges?

This November at TEDMED 2016, speakers in a session called Fringe will explore the edges of scientific study to discover new insights from topics such as sexual deviance, extreme altruism, artistic patients, and wild adventures. They are:

Elizabeth Letourneau
Sexual Abuse Preventionist

What if we designed effective prevention programs for pedophiles before they acted out on their inappropriate desires?

Jennifer Pluznick
Sensory Receptor Hunter

What if your smell and taste receptors played a more vital role in your body than the enjoyment of food?

Larissa MacFarqhar
Human Character Investigator

What if we all felt obliged to help everyone we could?

Sarah Outen

Global DIY Adventurer
What if you could circle the earth on your own power?

Sujey Morgan
Facial Sculptor

What if modern visualization and manufacturing tools could help create better and more affordable prosthetics, including replacement faces?

Ted Meyer
Artistic Patient Advocate

What if health providers could gain a more complete understanding of their patients through art?

Early next week, we will announce the speakers we have planned for our Social+Science session. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter, and subscribing to the TEDMED blog. Register here to join us in Palm Springs, CA, at TEDMED 2016.