Around and about TEDMED: Take two

Surprise! The U.S. Surgeon General’s in the house! Regina Benjamin spoke briefly today about bringing joy to prevention — in other words, we should eat apples because they’re tasty and might make us feel good and not just whip ourselves for eating those fries.

TEDMED Curator Jay Walker, U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, and TEDMED co-host and Program Director Lisa Shufro backstage.

TEDMED’s Great Challenge Advocates continued to work the crowd talking about these complex health issues and why the Challenge in which they are offering expertise deserves to be chosen as one of the 20 most critical for further study.

Below, David S. Ludwig, director of the New Balance Obesity Prevention¬†Center Boston Children’s Hospital, gave his pitch: Being obese as a child sets the stage for more severe weight issues as adults. Not to mention the $200 billion dollars it costs our health system to address weight-related issues now, and the $1 trillion that obesity-related disease is estimated to cost by the time these children are adults in 2030.

Panasonic was on hand to offer Delegates scans of their carotid artery, which, along with a brief medical history, offered a snapshot of risk for heart disease and stroke within about five minutes.

Catherine Andrews of Homefront Communications - aka the Voice of TEDMED Tweets - gets the Panasonic scan.