Announcing TEDMED 2012 Speakers!

With the release of the first names of those who will take the Opera Stage at the Kennedy Center this April, we declare the season of the TEDMED 2012 gathering open.

This first crop is particularly notable for the immensity of the tasks they have undertaken and the millions of lives they will influence, from responding to human tragedy on a massive scale to leading the charge against cancer and disease.

We’ll be announcing new speakers periodically, so stay tuned.  We’ll also release more speaker videos from our 2011 conference here as well.

New TEDMED 2012 Speakers 

Catch up on new videos from TEDMED 2011

TEDMED 2011, held just this past October, was a momentous event.  Always intellectually thrilling and fun, this year’s gathering spotlighted some mind-blowing ideas and brilliant science that will shape new approaches, from knife-free surgery and a new way to treat blindness, to meta-scale genetic mapping and the potential of plant-based pharma.

As part of our goal to make TEDMED ideas available and useful to the world, we’ve released 28 speaker videos from 2011 on our website so far, with more to come in the upcoming weeks.

Take a look if you haven’t yet; there’s some astounding stuff here that may well change your worldview.  More videos to come next week!

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Once a year, TEDMED holds a gathering for 3 1/2 days.  Through highly visual, brief and lively stage presentations and performances, interactive Q&A’s, and festivities, speakers and attendees explore the promise of technology and the potential of human imagination.

TEDMED is a chance for folks from varied backgrounds to come together in a friendly, fascinating environment. The result is an out-of-the-box experiment in creating radical new ways to address some of the great challenges healthcare faces in the U.S. and the world.

We’ll be using this space for speaker announcements, conference updates, and news from the TEDMED community, as well as covering game-changers in the world of health, medicine and related industries.

Our next gathering, TEDMED2012, is right around the corner: April 10-13 at the renowned Opera Stage at the Kennedy Center in D.C.  For more info, please see our website at, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, @tedmed.