Breaking Through to Create a Culture of Health: One Table’s Process at the RWJF “Creating a Culture of Health” Luncheon


We had a problem to solve.

How can business positively impact society’s health?

Our hybrid group of thinkers had four physicians, three marketers and four agency leaders.

We coalesced on what business is and isn’t; on what health is and isn’t. Perspectives varied, experiences motivated answers and, as a group, we found that our hybridity and disciplinary disparity led us to insights we would not have reached separately. For those of us who aspire to create a culture of health by selling goods and services is a multifaceted endeavor. Producers and retailers need to be incented and involved in creating and selling health-promoting products. Employers have an obligation to support health, but also achieve immense benefit by inspiring and enabling healthier places to work and incenting and rewarding healthful decisions.

The most beautiful sentiment, which summed up the conversation, came to our group from Dr. Param Dedhia, who set our true north with a simple observation: positive health changes – at their core – must bring us joy.

What a wonderful breakthrough.