Introducing the Next 10 Hive 2014 Startups

You’ve met 41 of the Hive 2014 startups so far. Today we introduce 10 more who will join us live this September 10-12 in Washington, DC, and San Francisco, CA, as we bring the world together to celebrate innovation and progress in health and medicine. Mobile devices, sensors, and apps will play a huge role in healthcare delivery, and many of these Hive inductees are leveraging those technologies in genius new ways. Read all about them here.


ActiveProtective created clothing and wearable devices that help protect wearers from injury through sensors that can detect falls or rapid motion and deploy micro-airbags.


BeneVir Biopharm is designing a cancer therapeutic that could benefit a wide range of cancer patients by inducing the immune system to recognize and rid the body of two types of tumor cells.


Clear Guide Medical has created next-generation ultrasound guidance for needle-based procedures that makes hitting the target as simple as playing a video game.


Infield Health marries custom patient data analytics and optimal care protocols to help patients use their mobile phones to adhere to care plans before and after hospital procedures.


Klappo is a platform that enables the development of apps to help people make educated choices about the food and ingredients they consume.


Maxwell Health provides a paperless, mobile-enabled operating system to dramatically simplify and streamline enrollment and management of employee benefits.


MessageDoc provides a secure and easy-to-use communication system to save providers time and money, improves relationships between practices, increases patient engagement, and helps avoid repeat visits.


Possible is pioneering an approach that integrates the best of private, public, and philanthropic models to deliver high-quality, low-cost healthcare to the world’s poor.


Remedy’s secure, HIPAA-compliant platform leverages Google Glass to enable remote experts to see through the eyes of on-site physicians and weigh in on procedures, treatment plans, or diagnoses.


TedCas has created an operating-system-agnostic way to enable surgeons to control any computer in the operating room via gestures and voice commands. It’s touch-less technology for healthcare.

Plus, check out the latest Hive Curator interview on the TEDMED Blog this week, featuring the Philips Healthcare Chief Design Officer Sean Hughes, who leads a global design team that is developing a broad range of word class products, interfaces, and consulting solutions to shape the future of healthcare and save lives. Read more here.

Eleven more Hive companies to be unveiled next week. Stay tuned @TEDMED.

– The TEDMED Team