Finale Friday roundup: TEDMED 2012


Graphic by Alphachimp Studio of Leslie Saxon's talk.

TEDMED’s final day: A flurry of medical revelations, fun music, a bit of newsmaking and reluctant good-byes as the roughly 1,500 Delegates watched the final two sessions and trickled from the Kennedy Center.

Here’s a roundup of coverage from Friday and other highlights throughout TEDMED:

MedGadget’s always-thorough report of speaker highlights.

Brian Fung of The Atlantic gave a great synopsis of Ivan Oransky’s popular talk about the deadly epidemic of pre-condition diagnoses.

Alphachimp Studio's scribe of Jay Lombard's talk on biomarkers for mental illness.


Cindy Haines, CMO of HealthDay News, rounded up her first impressions of future health.

Steve Sternberg of U.S. News & World Report covered the Great Challenges winners.

MDDI Online gave a rapid-fire recount of Leslie Saxon’s astonishing talk about the potential of long-distance diagnoses via telehealth and why the future of medical electronics is flexible.

A must-see video preview from MedCity News, including E.O. Wilson’s admonition to med students:  “Don’t ride to the sound of the guns. Ride away from them and make your own fray.” TEDMED will start releasing videos of the talks in three weeks.

Patricia Salber of HealthWorks Collective wrote of the “4 I’s of TEDMED 2012” – Innovation, imagination, Inspiration and Icons.

Carmen Drahl of Chemical & Engineering News wrote about how we can keep Andrew Read’s superbugs at bay.

And Chris Seper from MedCity News covered Jay Walker’s announcement that TEDMED is considering a World’s Fair for Medical Innovation.

More coverage and updates to come next week.