Get ready for TEDMEDLive!

Wordle of TEDMED Talk Topics by 2012 Speaker Jonathan Eisen
TEDMED 2012 will be simulcast to an estimated 50,000 viewers in 52 states across America, in 300 auditoriums and 1500 clinics and healthcare locations. Participants include teaching hospitals, medical schools, research institutions, university life science departments, state and federal government agencies, health-oriented corporations and non-profits.

If you’re not hooked in yet, check out a map of participating locations here.

If you’re already attending a TEDMEDLive broadcast, please note that we’ll be releasing a speaker schedule next Tuesday on TEDMEDConnect, an iOS/Android app. We’ll also have a web-based version.

If you’re hosting, the next system test will be on Monday, April 9th. TEDMEDLive participants can test their connection (with a live stream directly from the Kennedy Center) between 3pm – 4pm EST OR 8pm – 9pm EST. We will be providing a link to the testing site and log-in information to everyone soon.

Last-minute tech questions? See our FAQs.

And be sure to join the conversation on Twitter at #TEDMEDLive. Let us know what’s happening at your locale!