The Hive 2014: The next 10 startups announced

How will having access to data, counsel, diagnostic tools and even providers in our own homes and via smartphones change how we experience healthcare? The ten Hive 2014 entrepreneurs we’re announcing this week showcase some thoughtful and smart uses of cloud and web-based tech to improve the health of humanity.  Read all about them below and on

Edison Nation Medical

Edison Nation Medical innovation headquarters helps to commercialize qualified healthcare portal and medical device product ideas for faster progress in health.

Graphium Health

Graphium Health uses cloud computing and mobile tech to help physicians, administrators and patients make better pre- and post-surgery decisions.

Integrated Plasmonics

Integrated Plasmonics creates home-based diagnostic tools and apps to help patients better manage and improve chronic diseases from home.


Medlio provides a virtual insurance card, giving patients a place to track data and to get transparent cost information to help connect with the right providers.


Moov helps people maximize exercise with a first-of-its-kind wearable device that can track movements in 3D space and make real-time recommendations.


Opternative is the world’s first online eye exam that can deliver a prescription, signed by an ophthalmologist, for glasses and contact lenses.

Optimized Care Network

The Optimized Care Network, or OCN, leverages a virtual healthcare delivery model to improve healthcare accessibility and experience for both providers and their patients.


Phobious is a mobile technology with a hyper-realistic virtual environment that aims to treat anxiety related disorders more quickly with systematic desensitization.


SunSprite, the first wearable light tracker, tracks personal bright light and UV exposure so users can get enough light to be healthy while avoiding harmful rays.


Validic is a platform connecting patients and providers with convenient, easy access to digital health data from a litany of devices, including healthcare apps,  wearables, biometric devices, and fitness equipment. 

Plus, don’t miss this week’s Hive curator interview on the TEDMED blog: Michael Blum, Associate Vice Chancellor for Informatics, a Professor of Medicine in Cardiology, and Chief Medical Information Officer at the University of California, San Francisco, talks about how we must and can provide clinical validation for wellness assessment devices. Read more here.