In six words, what’s your vision for the future of health?

When TEDMED convenes this week at the Kennedy Center, we know we’ll have some of the brightest, most forward-thinking medical innovators of our time in one place. And we can’t wait for the discussions and conversations that will take place about the future of health — resulting in big thoughts, big ideas and big changes.

But sometimes, to get to the big ideas, you have to boil your thoughts down to their essence. Inspired by the legend of Ernest Hemingway once winning a short-story contest using only six words, when Delegates registered we asked them to develop their own health story:

In exactly six words, tell us your hopes for the future of health and medicine. 

We selected a few of our favorites — read them below. And for a sense of the larger picture, check out the Wordle word cloud above. It’s drawn from nearly 1,500 six-word responses from TEDMED Delegates and gives a sense of the overarching themes that are top-of-mind in healthcare today.

  • People living longer in full health
  • Breakthrough business models driving better health
  • Prevention is better than a cure
  • Affordable preventive care, promoting individual responsibility
  • Human networks, collaborative discovery, thoughtful personalization
  • Greater understanding and impact through communication

How would you state your vision for the future of health and medicine in exactly six words?