What are the Great Challenges of health and medicine?

TEDMED will officially launch The Great Challenges Program during our April 10-13 gathering at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

The Great Challenges of health and medicine are complex, persistent problems that have medical and non-medical causes, impact millions of lives, and affect the well-being of all of America. In April, the TEDMED community will discuss 50 proposed Challenges and vote to determine which 20 Challenges will be TEDMED’s focus for the coming year.

We’ll then have a year-long series of interactive webinars with our Great Challenges team leaders, exerts and visionaries with varied viewpoints on the issues. Our community will then engage in a year-long series of lively national discussions designed to generate broad, multi-disciplinary understanding of each Challenge that can set the stage for truly effective action.

We hope your vote will be included in those cast by thousands of people around the country — at TEDMED 2012, TEDMEDLive locations, and online at www.TEDMED.com — to weigh in on the nation’s greatest challenges to health and medicine. Votes will be collected and counted during the conference dates, April 10-13, 2012. We’ll be in touch with details. In the meantime, click here to learn more about the Great Challenges Program and the proposed 50 Challenges.