The Last Speakers Announced for the TEDMED 2014 Stage Program

We are proud to announce the remaining speakers who will share ideas and insight as a part of a phenomenal stage program designed to unlock your imagination. From an end-of-life bioethicist to an expert in toxic stress and inventor of a safer syringe, these global leaders in health and medicine are paving the way to a healthier future. This exceptional collection of thought leaders and innovators in San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC from September 10-12.

Without further ado, here are 14 more speakers who will grace the TEDMED 2014 stage:


End-of-life ethicist and writer Peggy Battin will talk about re-examining beliefs around an individual’s right to autonomy.

Virtual medical school pioneer Erica Frank will challenge assumptions about medical education with a revolutionary solution to the global doctor shortage.


Sigrid Fry-Revere, an organ donation ethicist and Aristotle enthusiast, will be sharing a surprisingly effective but often overlooked solution to the problem of organ shortage.

HolmesGame changer Elizabeth Holmes, who heads up lab diagnostic company Theranos, will share insights and technology that have put her at the cutting edge of high-test medical diagnostics.


Carl Hart, drug data dealer, professor, neuroscientist, and author, will describe a provocative, evidence-based approach to the crisis of drug abuse.


Lieutenant General Patricia Horoho, the first nurse and first woman Army Surgeon General, will be discussing ways in which health care can actually cause harm.

KoskaPersistent inventor and global life-saver Marc Koska will talk about inventing the game changing Auto Disable syringe, which cannot be reused and halts the spread of blood borne illnesses.

MorganSteinerLeslie Morgan Steiner, a motherhood investigator and author of bestselling memoir Crazy Love, will share what she learned investigating a successful medical surrogacy industry across the globe – and how it might help the US.

NabelFormer head of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, founder of the Red Dress Heart Truth Campaign, cardiologist, and current president of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Elizabeth “Betsy” Nabel will show the audience how accepting what you do not know can be a strength.


Author and reflective physician Danielle Ofri will make a powerful case that one of the things medical professionals are most resistant to could lead to dramatic improvements in care.


Gail Reed, an expert in the Cuban health system, will spotlight a completely counterintuitive program to relieve the global shortage of physicians in poor countries.

VolkowNeuroscientist Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, will apply a lens of addiction to the obesity epidemic.

WebsterJohns Hopkins professor and gun violence researcher Daniel Webster will examine hopeful possibilities to solve the gun control puzzle.

WenTransparent physician Leana Wen will discuss a controversial approach to medical transparency and full disclosure that could put the patient in the front seat.

With only seven weeks to go until we kickoff TEDMED 2014, space is filling up fast – be sure to apply today!