Live Online Event: Innovation through Collaboration

light bulb 3Please join us as we continue our Great Challenges Google+ Live Online Event Series, this time with a discussion focused on “Achieving Medical Innovation.” We’ll be discussing the various interpretations of public-private partnerships in healthcare, and whether and how these partnerships deter or support innovation.

Moderated by Forbes contributor Dan Munro, our diverse group of participants will explore the various facets of these creative relationships, sharing insights into what it means to have a unified “best-practice” execution of public-private partnerships in the healthcare space.


The healthcare world is an ever-evolving area with countless stakeholders, all working towards improving the health of the population. But with different priorities and different ways of working, how can diverse stakeholders work together most effectively? Public-private partnerships can bring together different viewpoints for a greater impact – they can increase resources, extend message reach, and expand collective knowledge and understanding. Many also believe such partnerships can speed up innovation – but what are the legal and ethical implications and challenges of innovating through public-private alliances? How can we think about more sophisticated ways of assessing and managing potential conflicts of interest? Can the medical community develop new models for public-private partnership that drive medical innovation while benefiting all involved parties?

Join us for a live online event on Thursday, November 20 at 12 noon to discuss these issues and more with experts on the topic. Get started today by tweeting your questions and comments and tagging them #GreatChallenges, and we’ll address as many as we can on air.

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