Meet Our TEDMED 2015 HIVE Companies

Get to Know The Hive at TEDMED 2015

From large-scale solutions addressing global food crises to micro bio-reactors targeting the source of epidemics; from radical devices monitoring disease from the outside to revolutionary adhesives healing wounds on the inside; and from creative solutions addressing complex public issues to labs cultivating game-changing advances – and more – we’re excited to introduce the 20inspiring entrepreneurs and their transformative startups carefully selected to be part of the TEDMED2015 “Hive” this November. Named after the potential of our collective “hive mind,” The Hive is dedicated to celebrating the power of imagination and human potential with the goal of sparking new ideas, possibilities and collaborations across the TEDMED community.

In previous years, “The Hive” existed as a showcase of innovation interwoven within TEDMED’s immersive and informal social spaces. This year, we’re shaking things up and trying a new approach. The Hive companies and their leaders will be fully integrated across community activities and the stage program to catalyze new relationships, new thinking and new collaborations.

We hope you’ll join The Hive organizations and the rest of us this November 18-20, either in person or via live stream, as we come together to focus on breaking through the status quo and celebrating the typical, the atypical and the spaces in between.

Without further ado…


Aspire Food Group, focuses on enabling global food and nutrition security using an abundant resource already embraced by many cultures – insects! CMO Shobhita Soor will represent this social enterprise company on a global mission to develop new ways to process and package edible insect-based food products.


Breakout Labs (BOL), helps bring radical scientific advances out of the lab and into the marketplace. Operating out of Peter Thiel’s nonprofit foundation, this revolving fund provides not only significant seed money, but also practical and tactical support to innovative entrepreneurs of all types –all the while preserving a special fondness for those working at the intersection of biology and technology. Hemai Parthasarathy, Scientific Director of Breakout Labs , will share more about this powerful approach to advancing innovation.


BroadReach Healthcare, strives to reduce health inequalities around the world by transforming big data into evidence-based insights that can improve global health. Founding Partner, John Sargent, will explain how this mission-driven company aims to help governments, donors and the private sector prioritize for maximum impact.


Cognoa, is committed to helping parents assess and support their child’s optimal development. Represented by its Scientific Founder, Dennis Wall will share how this consumer health company has developed a mobile app that uses machine learning to identify risk for autism and/or developmental delay. By answering simple questions and uploading short videos, families can generate a personalized report to share with doctors.


Daily Table, is cooking up a novel retail operation to offer great-tasting, nutritious food at affordable prices for food-insecure neighborhoods. Founder and President, Doug Rauch, will share how the store intends to compete with unhealthy fast-food by selling satisfying and affordable takeout meals made of wholesome and nutritious excess food that would otherwise be wasted by growers, manufacturers and retailers.


Emulate, is setting a new standard for understanding the human body with their “Organs-on-Chips” technology. President and Chief Scientific Officer, Geraldine Hamilton, will discuss how their living products help researchers better understand how diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health – all without having to test living subjects – and how they’re working on ushering in a new era of personalized health.


Gecko Biomedical, develops a biodegradable adhesive made specifically for “wet” environments to improve outcomes and care for patients in minimally invasive surgery. Maria Pereira, Head of Research, will represent Gecko Biomedical in the Hive. With 20 years’ experience in medical device technology, the privately-owned, Paris-based company has a vision to create a paradigm shift in surgical procedure.


GirlTrek, quickly becoming a “go-to” organization in public health, has set a goal to inspire one million Black women and girls to commit to self-care by taking highly visible, organized walks in their neighborhoods. GirlTrek’s Co-Founder and Director, T. Morgan Dixon, will explain how it’s a modern take on historical collective action, meant to be a practical and literal step to build healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Gravie, helps people buy and manage their own health insurance, with support to avoid the minor and major annoyances and confusion in dealing with consumer healthcare. Abir Sen, CEO, will represent Gravie sharing how the company offers private market and public exchange options to provide a single resource for management of all things health-related.


Impossible Foods, is on a mission to stem the destructive practices used in animal farming and transform the global food system by creating plant-based, healthy, safe and “irresistibly delicious” meats and dairy foods. The “Impossible Burger” will be introduced in 2016!


The InSCyT Platform (Integrated and Scalable CytoTecyhnology), is set to dramatically change response to disease outbreak by creating onsite manufacturing systems to produce personalized biologic therapeutics in small doses – reducing production time from months to mere hours. Christopher Love, Project Lead for The InSCyt Platform, will share more about the potential in delivering truly personalized medicine by making biologic drugs in any location on a small scale, for treating orphan diseases, improving healthcare on the battlefield, and more.


The MakerNurse Initiative, develops tools and processes to help nurses design and create breakthrough health technology. Anna Young, Medical Maker, will explain how MakerNurse Spaces have “miniaturized” world-class medical device R&D facilities into tool kits that capture, identify and enable medical making at the point of care.


Medical Informatics Corp (MIC), is dedicated to improving clinical decision-making within critical care units. CTO Craig Rusin will discuss the FDA-cleared product, Sickbay, and its analogy to GPS for physicians. This system uses real-time clinical analytics to provide a decision-making map to help doctors navigate the complex risk landscape to achieve the best results for each patient.


MindMaze, a portfolio of medical grade virtual reality products designed to stimulate neural processes, is focused on enhancing the quality of life for brain injury survivors. A spinoff of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Tej Tadi – CEO and Founder – and the rest of the company have joined the ranks of Switzerland’s top 10 healthcare startups in just three years’ time.


Neural Interaction Laboratory at UCSD, takes a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling health issues by combining highly scalable data interpretation algorithms with recent development of flexible electronic systems for medical applications. Associate Professor Todd Coleman will share how seemingly disparate perspectives can be uncommonly combined to discover radically new solutions.


Noora Health, turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms with interactive, skill-based learning modules to turn family members into active agents of patient care and recovery. Noora Health’s CEO and Co-Founder, Edith Elliott, will share how the company has trained over 16,000 families in India to provide high-quality care, reducing hospital readmission rates by 23% and reducing post-op complications by 36%.


Open Agriculture Lab at the MIT Media Lab, is on a mission to create healthier, more engaging and more inventive food systems. Caleb Harper, Principal Scientist, will discuss how they’re using an open-source ecosystem of food technologies to enable healthier and more sustainable food systems to feed a rapidly growing global population.


Open Style Lab, is a unique fashion resource that stays constantly conscious of people with disabilities. Represented by Executive Director Grace Teo, Open Style designs, manufactures and distributes functional and stylish clothing using a user-centered design and rapid prototyping process.


Recon Therapeutics, aims to improve patient care, safety and compliance with personalized biologic therapies. To do so, they’ve created a patent-pending, simple solution for delivery of self-injected medications that can be customized to each person’s needs and lifestyle. Co-Founder Christopher Lee will explain how the kit works with off-the-shelf injection devices to simplify drug reconstitution (mixing) between a lyophilized (freeze-dried) drug and injection solvent at the point of care.


TellSpec, the world’s first consumer food sensor, is a mobile app that identifies calories, macronutrients, ingredients and allergens in foods. Representing TellSpec, Founder, Isabel Hoffmann will share the company’s goal to equip consumers to make smarter choices about their foods by providing on-demand information about what – beyond the nutrition label – is really in the food they are about to eat.