Meet the Team Curating The 2014 Hive

The Hive at TEDMED isn’t simply a showcase of entrepreneurs and startups; it is a meeting of minds and ideas. It gives companies and individuals the power to make unique connections and to accomplish breakthroughs. Brilliant solutions may seem obvious in hindsight, but the ability to pave an innovative path is a rare skill.

Recognizing that skill requires unusually talented people. That’s why we’ve recruited a diverse and deeply experienced team to help select the entrepreneurs who will represent new innovation in The Hive in 2014. Our curators are social influencers, venture capitalists, inventors, proven leaders in design and entrepreneurship and more. Each is a seasoned disruptor who has made a vast impact in health and medicine and who represents an organization with a commitment to creating a healthier world.

TEDMED Hive 2014 Curators

Michael Blum

A longstanding leader in informatics, Michael drives the design and implementation of enterprise clinical and research information systems and technologies across the University of California, San Francisco. He also leads UCSF’s new Center for Digital Health Innovation.


Leslie Bottorff

A venture capitalist with an enviable success record, Leslie invests in healthcare start-ups at GE Ventures, specializing in medical technology and emerging business models.


Shankar Chandran

A venture capitalist, Shankar spearheads strategic investments in disruptive technologies at Samsung Catalyst Fund, with a special focus on mHealth.


Zen Chu

Using engineering to hack medicine for better quality at lower cost, Zen drives development of early-stage medical devices and healthcare information tech at MIT.



Sumbul Ahmad Desai

A journalist-turned-Disney-strategist-turned-doctor, Sumbul now leads innovation and the design and deployment of virtual care and digital products at Stanford Medicine.


Ken Drazan

His latest move to head up Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation Center in California continues Ken’s long history of catalyzing early stage ideas and helping bring novel and transformative medicines, devices, and consumer products to market.


Thomas Goetz

Co-founder of Iodine and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Thomas helps find and nurture fledgling ideas with big promise to improve public health.


Sean Hughes

As Chief Design Officer at Philips Healthcare, Sean develops a broad range of products, interfaces and consulting solutions that help shape the future of healthcare and save lives.



Mohit Kaushal

Doctor, former government IT policy advisor and business development leader, Mohit is a Partner and investment sage at Aberdare Ventures, which works solely with healthcare companies.


Regis Kelly

As the Director of QB3, one of four California Institutes for Science and Innovation, Regis marshalls the efforts of some 200 quantitative biologists to convert their discoveries into scaleable, usable benefits for people.


Peter Tippett

As Verizon’s Chief Medical Officer, Peter oversees healthcare strategy and a vast portfolio of solutions designed to speed evolution of the healthcare IT ecosystem.


We thank this powerhouse collection of curators for sharing their expertise as part of The Hive 2014. You can see all their full bios on, and over the next few weeks we’ll bring you an in-depth discussion with each of our Curators exploring his or her insights and perspectives over the next few weeks as part of our Catalyst Series.

At the end of April, we will begin announcing the startups selected for The Hive 2014.

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