Scenes from TEDMED

The mingling among the Delegates in the social areas and backstage is also where ideas are hatched and great friends made at TEDMED.  Our roving citizen photogs captured the following:

Scott Jurek with his new buddy, Cookie Monster.

Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, a vegan, may have convinced Cookie to eat veggies rather than sweets, at least some of the time. “I feel like I have a rainbow in my tummy,”  Cookie said after munching some veggies on stage.  Here they are getting to know each other backstage.

A brave Delegate strapped on the “aging” suit at the Nurture space to see what it feels like to age 30 years. The suit impairs mobility, flexibility and vision, with the goal of getting folks to think about smart design for healthcare centers.

Aging 30 years in a few minutes.

The Cleveland HeartLab offered Delegates onsite testing of it’s new “It” — inflammation testing — blood screen for heart disease risk markers. In one day some 200 folks here, who have already heard plenty in the first few sessions about the importance of preventive health, took them up on the offer.

TEDMED president Jon Ellenthal checks his risks for heart disease. What, me, worry?

One of the non-human friends at the social hub included “Huff,” a service dog to Sergeant Jon Gordon, a war veteran, in the Mars space to show first-hand the rehabilitative impact of human-animal interaction.

Man's best friend.

And artist/advocate Regina Holliday captured NIH chairman Francis Collins during his Kennedy Center singing debut at today’s opening session, with Jill Sobule.

Francis Collins on knocking out disease - set to music.