Diverse group of speakers for TEDMED’s 2013 lineup

TEDMED’s mission is to gather multi-disciplinary voices to enlighten, entertain and inspire conversation and new possibilities. Hence the latest additions to our diverse and phenomenal speaker lineup:

One child may be a piano prodigy; another may have Down’s syndrome. Both may equally challenge their families. “Far From the Tree: author Andrew Solomon will share stories about how diversity unites us all.

Hear why internal medicine physician Roni Zeiger left his position as Chief Health Strategist at Google to explore the next generation of social media and health.

Pediatric Critical Care Cardiologist John Kheir will show how patients can ‘breathe easier’ with his life-saving injectable oxygen-filled microbubbles.

Food provocateur Michael Hebb will gather us at his table for a challenging conversation.

Palliative care oncologist, patient advocate, and former NASA programmer Amy Abernethy focuses on the intersection of big data and patient rights.

Visit TEDMED.com for more information and to apply to hear these speakers in person this April at the Kennedy Center.