2012 speaker Scott Jurek previews his new book, Eat & Run

Scott Jurek (L) and Cookie Monster

At TEDMED 2012, ultramarathon champ, health advocate and plant-based eater Scott Jurek told Cookie Monster a thing or two about the value of eating your veggies — even if you’re not planning a 100-mile-plus run.

On June 5th, Jurek will have tips for the rest of us; he’s publishing a book, Eat & Run, a memoir of his childhood as a skinny kid whom others bullied — maybe that’s how he learned to run so fast? — and his thoughts on how a vegan diet boosts his performance, speeds recovery and helps keep him lean. As he says:

Muscles I didn’t even know I had popped out. My blood pressure and triglyceride levels dropped to all-time lows, my HDL, “good” cholesterol, shot up to an all-time high. I had virtually no joint inflammation, even after miles of pounding trails and roads… I was running in the morning, working eight-to 10-hour days, then running 10 miles in the evening—yet I woke up with more energy every day.

For more from Jurek’s book, read an excerpt from Runner’s World magazine.