Ivan Oransky talks to Medgadget: Are we over-medicalized?

Ivan Oransky, M.D. and Executive Editor of Reuters Health, made waves with his TEDMED 2012 talk on the vast amounts of time and money spent on “pre-conditions” — pre-cancer, pre-diabetes, even pre-acne.  Today, Medgadget continues the discussion with Ivan, in which he fields questions about post-talk coverage, the importance of casting a critical eye on research evidence, and whether consumer-based health monitoring devices actually work.

Watch Ivan’s talk at TEDMED 2012:

How I fell in love at TEDMED

Blogroll from continuing coverage of TEDMED 2012.  Marya Zilberberg writes on The Health Care Blog about “How I Fell in Love at TEDMED,” calling out Bryan Stevenson and Rebecca Onie, among others – hear, hear.  Dirk Hanson’s blog “Addiction Inbox” took a closer look at Ivan Oranky’s fantastic talk about the current epidemic of pre-conditions.

And we present Alphachimp Studio’s digital scribes of TEDMED session #10, “Rethinking Assumptions, Reimagining Possibilities” – similarly met with acclaim by the viewing audience both at TEDMED and at large.



Five TEDMED 2012 speakers announced today

Five new folks are joining our stellar lineup for this April. They are:

Frances Arnold
Dick and Barbara Dickinson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry, California Institute of Technology
Why should we engineer for uncertainty?

Elizabeth Bonker and Virginia Breen

Elizabeth Bonker with Virginia Breen
Author, Poet, Aspiring Doctor
When you finally find your voice, what do you most want to say?

Ivan Oransky
Executive Editor of Reuters Health
Is the “disease model” sick – or just exhausted?

Seth Cooper
Creative Director, Center for Game Science, University of Washington
Why is my joystick smarter than your stethoscope?


Ben Goldacre
Best-selling author, broadcaster
Where’s the rest of the data iceberg?

More to come soon!