Jay Walker on Fox Business: U.S. needs to accept risk in health innovation

What does health innovation have to do with the threat of an impending “fiscal cliff?”

TEDMED’s curator Jay Walker sat down with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business News to discuss last Friday. Walker says innovation in health and medicine is nothing less than an economic foundation for the U.S.:  “The future of health and medicine is really a future of innovation, job-creation and what makes America great, which is real progress in unexpected directions….There are more people working on the future of health and medicine than ever before.”

He added: “We’ve all got to deal with our health. Whether we deal with it in the doctor’s office or we deal with it in our home, we’ve got to deal with it.”

Still, Walker said, “There are a lot of reasons to be concerned, especially if you’re in the innovation space… America has not come to grips with the risk issue in health.  It’s going to take risk.  And right now we live in a risk-adverse environment.”

Watch the four-minute interview here.