TEDMED Activities Highlight Prevention and Personal Health

Acting on a major theme in healthcare, TEDMED and its corporate partners are hosting activities to promote education about latest innovations wellness and prevention — including opportunities to practice healthy behaviors.

The Hive experience from TEDMED partner Kaiser Permanente features advanced technology programming from Kaiser’s Center for Total Health and The Garfield Innovation Center, including:

Dr. Hero, a virtual reality training tool for OB-GYNs.

The Augmented Reality Exam Room Accessed through an iPad application users point the device at an item found in the room to see an avatar and a video explanation behind why it exists and what it contributes to the doctor-patient relationship. Everything does have a purpose, from that extra chair in the exam room for family members and caregivers to an environmentally correct wastebasket.

Dr. Hero In this timed clinical game invented by Sonia Soo Hoo, MD, OB-GYNs must diagnose and treat an avatar suffering obstetrical hemorrhaging.

The RP Vita Robot

RP-Vita Robot An ICU telepresence robot pilot developed by InTouch Health and iRobot. In use at the Kaiser Permante facility in Freemont, California, the robot monitors patients and can bring in a doctor remotely to “see” and talk with patients and staff.

Farmer’s Market – Bringing health back to earth, Kaiser is showcasing fresh fruit and veggies highlighting the importance of healthy eating, sustainability, and community.

Delegates will have plenty of opportunity to put other preventive measures like physical fitness goals to the test. Each morning at TEDMED, ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes is leading participants on an hour-long run through the capital city.

“We invited Dean Karnazes to be the face of TEDMEDHealth in 2013 because his legendary ultrarunning accomplishments coupled with his advocacy for healthy lifestyles provide inspiration to athletes around the world. Dean’s energy and focus have pushed people off the couch and out the door to take up running and racing to extents they never thought possible,” says Eric Vaughan, Director of TEDMEDHealth.

Registrants were also invited to practice with teacher Bhavani Maki in the mornings. Dedicated to exploring yoga in its complete expression, Maki teaches Patanjali’s classical Eight-Limbed Yoga, with an emphasis on integrity of alignment and using yoga as therapy.

“The physical part of yoga is just the context for discovering the content within,” Maki says.

Also each morning, Delegates can meditate with instructor and WellZone founder Rana Chudnofsky, who is introducing various techniques including body relaxation, visualization and mantra. She who will also hold an afternoon biofeedback session Thursday to show Delegates how meditation affects heart rate and body temperature.

“It helps people to understand what is happening in their body when they’re stressed, and how meditation helps.  I can see people go into a relaxed state in as little as 60 seconds,” she says.