Michael Graves: When will hospitals design for patients?

Architect Michael Graves spent months in a rehab center following a serious illness, only to discover that the design of his room and furniture — and that of most hospitals — fails to meet even basic needs of patients and staff, especially those who are disabled. See what he has designed instead for the hospital of the future.

Catching Up: Aimee Mullins, TEDMED 2009 speaker

From time to time on our blog, we’ll check in with our speakers from prior years to document their further adventures and contributions. We were excited to hear that TEDMED 2009 speaker Aimee Mullins was recently named Global Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. In this role, she continues to exemplify the message she delivered to the audience in 2009: the word “disabled” needs to be re-thought. Watch her powerful talk.

Watch Jay Walker at Social Media Week tomorrow

Poor health choices have left many of us unhealthy and led our healthcare system to the brink of collapse. How can we help ourselves make better decisions? And how will that collectively revolutionize healthcare? TEDMED’S curator, Jay Walker, delivers the keynote address on this question and more at the Social Media Week Health and Wellness Hub this Thursday, 2/16 at 9amET. Login to watch a live stream of the event.

Following his address, Jay will hold his first-ever live Twitter Q&A session at 2pmET on Feb. 16th, answering questions about his talk, TEDMED, and whatever strikes your fancy.

Follow us at @TEDMED, submit questions in advance, and join us at #askTEDMED for this special event.

Announcing the Front-Line Scholarships program

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin speaks at TEDMED 2011.

Are you an innovator or a leader on the front lines of health and medicine? Work for a start-up or a non-profit? In medical school?

What makes TEDMED unique is our diverse mix of Delegates, each with something vital to add to new ideas, trends, treatments and technologies in health and medicine. However, some great candidates may need help to attend. TEDMED’s Patron Fund supports exceptional individuals who would be outstanding additions to our group of Delegates and who would significantly benefit from attending TEDMED.

If that’s you, apply today.  The deadline for all applications is March 25th. Full and half-scholarships will be offered — more half than full, to allow as many folks to attend as possible.  Scholarships do not cover travel and expenses.

Good luck, and we hope to meet you in April!