The Hive @TEDMED 2014: Now accepting applications and nominations


Are you an entrepreneur leading a start-up with the potential to transform medicine or healthcare? If so, we encourage you to apply to The Hive @TEDMED 2014.

TEDMED, in partnership with the StartUp Health Network, officially welcomes applications starting today – and will do so until January 22, 2014. We also invite you to nominate other start-ups and entrepreneurs whom you believe should be part of The Hive this April 9-11in Washington, DC.

Exciting innovations are challenging the status quo across health and medicine in areas like biotech, health IT, mHealth, life sciences, health tech, and more. TEDMED celebrates the ideas behind this progress in The Hive – an immersive and informal social environment dedicated to exploring and showcasing transformative startups and the inspiring entrepreneurs that power them.

At TEDMED 2014, innovators from incubators and accelerators, government-run challenges, academically led programs, independent start-ups and labs will fuse their imagination with the experience of our community to help propel new start-ups along their paths to reshaping the future.

Find out more about TEDMED 2014 and The Hive 2014, or get started with the application/nomination process.

TEDMED’s Hive Gathers 50 Top New Innovators

New to this year’s TEDMED conference is The Hive, a gathering of some of today’s best and brightest new entrepreneurs and innovators in health and medicine presented in association with the Start Up Health Network.

To select the innovators, TEDMED assembled a curation team of proven industry leaders, who chose 50 innovators from some 250 applications. Winners include startups, government agencies, and nonprofits. They are presenting their work in a 30,000 square foot superstructure on the grounds of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  Several are launching their companies at TEDMED.

The idea behind The Hive was to create a space to foster multi-discplinary collaboration at all levels, where innovators and entrepreneurs can connect with each other and TEDMED delegates, who are leaders and experts in a vast array of fields.

Below are a few of The Hive participants that represent the broad range of innovation presented.  Continue reading “TEDMED’s Hive Gathers 50 Top New Innovators”

Introducing TheHive@TEDMED, a debut gathering of entrepreneurs and innovators

What’s driving innovation in health and medicine today? And who are the entrepreneurs and innovators doing game-changing work?  Who’s got the best bold new ideas?

This year, TEDMED will invite 40 transformative innovations and the entrepreneurs, from varied fields both inside and outside health and medicine, that represent them to be part of “The Hive” in association with the Startup Health Network.

At The Hive, incubators and accelerators, government-run programs, academic specialists, independent start-ups and labs run by Fortune 500 companies will come together to share and to discover important drivers of innovation. TEDMED will create and host interactive, hands-on social environments for Delegates to discover breakthrough thinking, and to meet leading future-thinkers.

It will be held in conjunction with the TEDMED 2013 conference at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., April 16-19. Applications will be accepted through February 1st. Click here to apply and to read more – and good luck!