Digesting TEDMED: This week’s blogroll

Visual artist Lisa Nilsson presents her anatomical cross-sections, made of paper.

It’s been a week since TEDMED’s farewell to the Kennedy Center, and the wires are still humming with reports, discussions and more news on the presentations and speakers — a process that will likely take us clear into TEDMED 2013.  A few highlights:

From Scientific American online: Judy Stone presented “A taste of TEDMED” — both appetizer and main course — and med student Ilana Yurkiewicz comments on Jacob Scott’s TEDMED talk:  Is medical school admission squashing creativity?

From the Huffington Post:  How TEDMED “groupinspire” could change the world.

Rock Health wrote about rocking TEDMED.

Dave deBronkart of e-patients.net posted a video of his brief interview with Ben Goldacre on positive bias in research publishing, and what that means for doctors — and patients — seeking sound evidence-based medicine.