Case study: From research to web platform, a behavior change program that’s working

As healthcare pays ever-closer attention to programs and research that measure the relationship of patient engagement to outcomes and medical costs, one company has developed a program that delivers the golden egg of behavior change results.

Prevent is a web-based platform by Omada Health that aims to help patients with prediabetes avoid the full-blown disease. It’s a translation of results from the NIH-funded Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) study, and encourages lifestyle tweaks like exercise and healthier eating. Participants are given a digital scale and join a small online community of some 12 people with of those of similar BMI’s, age and locales for what Cameron Sepah, PhD, Omada’s Medical Director, calls “the dynamic of group therapy in an online experience.” They also undergo an intensive 16-week online training program that includes live health coaching, and move to a maintenance program for the remainder of one year.