Which health innovation are you most thankful for?


We asked the TEDMED staff: Which health innovation are you most thankful for?

Though they ponder the future of health and medicine every day, here’s what mattered most to them.

“I am thankful for ultrasounds – so that I could see my daughters before they were born and I could see that they were healthy.” Nicole Bumpus Finn, Event Manager

“I’m thankful for the pacemaker that is currently extending the life of many of my family members including both of my grandmothers, my father, my aunt, and at one time, my grandfather. If genetics are any indication, I’ll inevitably have one inside me.” Zac Smith, Manager of Website and Marketing Programs

“As a cancer survivor, I’m thankful for medical imaging, which has helped me from having unnecessary surgeries to investigate a suspected problem. I’m also grateful that the technology allowed me to see my child who I never thought I could have.” Grace McElroy, Director of Partnership Development

“I think it is the revolution in the attitude of all stakeholders that a paternalistic top-down medical care, education and research paradigm is being replaced by a decentralized, evidence-based, patient-focused, innovation-driven future.” Jay Walker, Curator and Chairman

“I am thankful for the way technology has brought the global medical world together to share ideas, discoveries and remedies to the great medical challenges.” – Eric Vaughan, Director of TEDMEDHealth

“Nipple sparing mastectomy, which allows keeping most of the breast’s exterior and therefore maintain a fairly normal appearance. My mom developed breast cancer over 15 years ago so this hits close to home. I think it is an amazing option for women who are faced with terrible decisions just to stay healthy.” – Courtney Olean Paige, Director of Marketing Operations

“Running water and public sewers make for better health, better aroma, safer streets, and cleaner friends.” Jose Suarez, Chief Executive Officer

“I am thankful for the major advances in the treatment and detection of breast cancer. My sister was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer 10 years ago and continues to be cancer-free. Thankful is an understatement.” – Melanie Howley, Manager of Delegate Relations

“Anti-smoking laws and campaigns. Some of the biggest advancements in our health today, those innovations that have been proven to save lives, aren’t technology based—they are public service campaigns and laws that reinforce the need for the public to be intimately involved in their heath care.” Shirley Bergin, Chief Operating Officer

“Having recently had a baby, I am most thankful for pumps that administer intravenous or epidural pain medication.”  Lindsay Potter, Speaker Relations

“I’m especially thankful for the artificial joints that help friends and family members remain ambulatory.” Marcus Webb, Chief Storytelling Officer

“Vaccines delivered via a nasal spray/oral liquids/a pill. With my unimaginable fear of needles, this is definitely one of the innovations that I’m personally most thankful for!” – Nicole Batiste, Director of Community Development

“It’s a tie: The anti-rejection meds that keep my dad’s new liver working perfectly, and the hospice programs that gave my mom skilled, compassionate and well-organized care during her last few months.” – Stacy Lu, Senior Writer

“I am thankful for all the innovators out there who are determined to create a better future in health and medicine.” Jonathan Ellenthal, President

Which health innovation are you most thankful for?  Share your thoughts below.  Happy Thanksgiving!